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Let the professionals at Breeze Thru Screens come to your home to build your custom window screens to fit your windows perfectly!

Are you tired of not having screens on your windows?  Have you ordered new screens online or from a local home improvement store only to have them arrive bent and damaged or they do not fit perfectly?  We hear these stories all the time and you can be assured that Breeze Thru Screens will take care of you and build your screens to fit perfectly with the highest quality materials that are made in America.  We guarantee your satisfaction -- we believe in 100% customer satisfaction and strive to make attention to detail our signature.  Check out our customer's feedback on our website -- all 100% true and coming through an outside web company as well as

The Process:

Just call to set up an appointment for our professional to come out to your home to find out your screening needs.  Our business is a mobile business -- a one stop shop, so to speak.  We do all of the work on site generally in one trip.  We will discuss what type of screen mesh best suits your needs -- do you want standard fiberglass screen mesh, pet screen to keep your cats from damaging your screens, solar screen to block the UV rays from damaging your carpet, drapes and furniture, allergy screen to keep the pollen and dust out of your home when you want to open your windows in the spring, summer & fall, etc.


We will measure your windows and then begin to custom build your window screens in our trailer using rolled aluminum frame (we also have extruded aluminum frame which is an upgrade).  Next we screen the frame with standard fiberglass screen mesh or any of the other screen meshes that we offer such as those listed above for an upgrade (check out our Pricing page for those prices).  We use matching spline to secure the screen mesh into the custom built frame.  Once we are finished, we will install your screen, making sure it fits properly or else adjust it until it does.


Our pricing starts at $55 for half screens and $65 for full screens up to 14 sq ft and goes up depending on the size.  The majority of windows are within this standard 14 sq ft range.  See our Pricing Page for more pricing info.

Some custom screens need mounting hardware to secure it into the window frame.  Here are some examples of those -- most of which incur an additional cost due to the extra time, materials and labor involved in installing them (see our Frames & Hardware page for product pictures and Pricing page for prices):

  • Butterfly Latches (tend to be $10-$15 depending on the type)

  • Plunger Pins

  • Screen Holders 

  • Spring Clips (no charge)

When your screen needs butterfly latches or plunger pins, it's better to let our professionals take care of building these screens because the latches and pins must be placed perfectly for them to fit the holes/notches where they enter into the window frame.  You don't want the headache of trying to make them fit, potentially damaging the screen doing so, and then having to return it to the store you purchased them from.  Let us give you the peace of mind knowing they will be built  and installed correctly the first time!




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