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Let the professionals at Breeze Thru Screens come to your home, office, apartment, place of business etc. to RESCREEN your window, door and porch screens.

Are your screens old, deteriorating, have holes, and are unsightly as well as non-functional?  Are the bugs and mosquitoes coming inside your porch or home?  Are squirrels, cats and dogs tearing up your screens?  Are you selling your home and want the outside of your home to make a grea impression?  If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then it's time to Rescreen your screens.

Why Rescreen?


Rescreening is the most economical way of replacing your screens.  Our prices start at $25/window screen using standard/traditional fiberglass screen mesh and new spline.  Our prices are determined by the square footage of your window screen.  Rather than throwing away perfectly good window screen frames because the screen mesh is "yucky," let us Rescreen the frames and reuse them which is also a greener way to do things.  If 1-3 sides of your frame is damaged, we can replace them at $5/side which is also cheaper than building a new custom window screen.  Broken and/or deteriorated hardware should be replaced when we Rescreen and typically runs $1-5 depending upon what type of hardware is needed.  We carry a wide variety of hardware so that we can match it to what is in your window screen.


How Do Our Screen Mesh & Products Save You $$$?


We offer a wide variety of screen meshes made in the USA.  Most handymen go to a home improvement store to buy their products which is more expensive and made in China and/or Mexico and therefore is not a very high quality screen mesh like those made in the USA.  They also charge their customers more for their rescreening to cover their costs and to make a profit. 


Because we buy in bulk from American companies, we are able to pass on the savings to our customers which means a lot to us to help you save money.  We've heard time and time again how handymen charge twice as much as we do.  Why pay more for cheaper quality materials and by someone who doesn't do screen work 100% of the time?


Click here to read more about the types of screen mesh we carry:

What About Rescreening Doors?

We can rescreen just about any screen door -- wooden, vinyl, swinging, sliding, etc.  Check our Pricing page for our prices which are determined by style, size and extra effort such as if we need to remove the door and reinstall it. 


We have rescreened many antique doors which requires time, patience, and expertise so as not to ruin the integrity of the door.  Sometimes rescreening antique doors does require the trim to be replaced when it's old and brittle, and we try to match the trim as closely as possible to the original which is not included in the price.

What About Rescreening Porches?

To Rescreen a Porch, we will need to come to your home to take measurements since our price is determined by square footage, materials and labor required.  We will also show you screen samples to see which screen mesh you'd prefer.  We will be glad to show you the different types of screening systems that are now available, how they work, and their benefits.  Then we plug the information into our spreadsheet, and give you an estimate.  Our estimates are free within a 25 mile radius of our home office, outside of that area we charge a small travel fee of $25 and up depending upon your distance.  Credit for the fee will applied to your invoice if you hire us to do the job.  We are always happy to rescreen with your existing screening system -- our main goal is for our customers to be more than happy with their porch, our work and the price. 

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