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We proudly feature Mirage Retractable Screen Systems. The Mirage Retractable is the most beautiful and versatile screen systems available. They are ideal for nearly every application including:


  •   In-Swing and Out-Swing French Doors

  •   Entry Doors

  •   Sliding Patio Doors

  •   Windows


Mirage Retractables are made of powder coated aluminum and have a limited lifetime warranty – the best on the market. They are offered in seven standard colors, twenty-seven unique design colors, and ten wood grain colors, so that you get the best color match available.  Retractable screens add value, beauty, and functionality to your home.  Now you can have the benefit of using a screen or "hiding" it when you don't want it to be seen or while it's not in use.  Doors are custom ordered for your home.  Orders may not be canceled after 24 hours.  Payment in full is due upon installation unless a payment plan has been arranged.

Mirage also offers H4800 motorized retractables for larger openings up to 22' in width as well as H3500 non-motorized large sliding screen retractable doors for widths up to 15' and heights up to 10'.  Please contact our office for more information or visit Mirage's website.

Order Policy:  These are custom ordered and specific to your opening.  Orders may not be canceled after 24 hours.  Payment is due in full upon installation unless a payment plan has been arranged.


Breeze Thru Screens is proud to be Virginia's only certified dealer and professional installer for Mirage Retractable Screen Systems.


Click on this button to view the colors Mirage Retractable Screen Doors come in:





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