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On this page you will find details, specifications and more about MIRAGE Retractable Screen Systems.  The following FAQs apply to both MIRAGE Retractable Door and Window Screens. Please contact Breeze Thru Screens for pricing and additional questions you might have concerning these products.

How to Choose a Retractable Screen Door 

There are a lot of retractable screen doors on the market, but not many can stand up to our Mirage screen door standards. We always recommend that you compare similar products so you can properly evaluate the retractable screen door product features. Every Mirage retractable screen door has been rigorously tested and is built for years of reliable service:

  • The screen housing is manufactured from a durable, heavy duty aluminum which is powder coated to ensure a long-lasting color.

  • The retractable screen door guides (the plastic parts that guide the retractable screen open or closed) are manufactured from a durable, heavy duty space-age material and contains its own screen door lubricant. This long-lasting lubricant is what allows the retractable screen to slide with minimal effort and with minimal wear, providing years of reliable service.

  • The internal moving parts of the retractable screen door are treated with a unique lubricant that is resistant to a wide range of temperature changes and helps to ensure smooth operation while preventing corrosion and preventing annoying squeaks from developing.

  • The central shaft of the retractable screen door rotates in a silicon brass bushing allowing it to withstand literally hundreds of thousands of openings and closings without undue wear and tear of crucial parts.

  • Our Mirage retractable screen door products are routinely cycle tested up to a quarter million times! That equates to about 69 years of continuous use if you average using your retractable screen door 10 times per day, 365 days of the year. In other words, our retractable screen doors are designed for real world use.

  • Mirage Screen Systems strives to make the best quality retractable screen door products possible. We are proud to have developed a solid reputation for making retractable screen doors that have the longest trouble free life span on the market. And, our products are easy to install, easy to use, and packaged to compliment the décor of your home.

What is the Mirage Retractable Screen Door warranty like?

Mirage proudly offers a limited lifetime warranty on the powder coating, all inner workings, and all parts under normal use.  Please note that the screen mesh is specifically excluded from the warranty as is labor for the repairs and travel fee.  All Mirage products must be purchased and installed by an authorized dealer so as to not void the warranty.  Please contact Breeze Thru Screens for a copy of the warranty or click here:



Retractable Screen Door Mesh

Mirage offers these retractable screen door mesh options, which are made in the USA to our specifications by Phifer Incorporated:

  • Standard Insect Screen, which is a high-quality standard vinyl coated fiberglass mesh with a 18x16 mesh count.

  • Super Screen with a 17x17 mesh count, made of vinyl coated polyester which is pet resistant as well as a 50% soar screen. (Please Note:  This is only available in certain height/width units / not available in doors 83" or less) 

  • Available in two colors: Silver Grey and Charcoal.  (We highly recommend the Charcoal to reduce glare and increase visibility.)

  • Meets federal regulations as "flame resistant"

How much do Mirage’s retractable door screens cost?

When you factor in the level of quality, customer service and skilled installation, you’ll find that Mirage Retractable Door Screens are very competitively priced. Each screen door is unique and customized for your entryway(s) and as such Breeze Thru Screens will be able to provide an accurate cost estimate. A simple phone call with a dealer is often all it takes to get a quote! The Mirage Screen Door Dealer will ask a few questions to make sure you get the right retractable screen door for your home and then provide a price. Please note that some door screen solutions may require an in-home visit before the quote can be provided.  Sometimes modifications will need to be done by the dealer/installer to ensure proper installation.  Modifications are an additional cost.

Retractable Screen Door Sizes

Mirage Screen Systems is able to custom manufacture any retractable screen door product up to a maximum height of 108″ and a maximum width of 64″.  For French doors, we use two single doors with a French kit that allows you to lock one door in place, thus allowing you to open and close one door which makes it easier and more convenient for going in and out. 

Do Mirage Retractable Screens work on any door?

Yes! Mirage retractable screen doors are fully customizable to fit almost any type or size of door including in-swing and out-swing doors. You will be glad to know that Mirage Screens also work on French (double) doors as well as sliding glass patio doors. Your local screen door dealer can custom install your new Mirage retractable screen door; up to 108” high and up to 60” wide (or 120” wide for a French door). If you have a larger opening such as on a porch, Mirage Screens also offers motorized screens as wide as 22 feet and as high as 16 feet in a single unit. Please ask Breeze Thru Screens for additional information and pricing on automated screen solutions at just the touch of a button.

Why is Mirage the best retractable screen door on the market?

Rather than sales copy here, we’ll just say that in a side-by-side comparison, our product’s quality is evident and can speak for itself. Not all products on the market are the same. Mirage was one of the first retractable screens on the market and has the experience to ensure an extremely high quality product. We highly recommend you shop around and compare retractable screen doors to make sure you get the right one for your home. The screen specialist who takes care of your customization and installation is also important during this buying process!

How do I fix a Mirage Retractable Screen door if someone walks into it and puts a hole in it?

Rescreening our retractable screen doors isn’t difficult but must be done by an authorized dealer so as to not void the rest of the warranty. Just contact Breeze Thru Screens to arrange a rescreening appointment. More often than not, the only "damage" is that the screen comes off its track.  Just give it a little push to get it back into the track's groove and you're all set.

Do Mirage Retractable Screen Doors help reduce the cost of air conditioning?

Yes! Mirage Screen Doors are designed to boost the flow of fresh air into the home, which naturally cools your home. This is a great “green” energy efficient alternative to running costly air conditioning units. Remember, a better ventilated home not only reduces your air conditioning bill but also makes you and your family more comfortable.

Do Mirage Retractable Screen Doors require cleaning and maintenance?

You’ll be amazed how simple our retractable screen doors are to clean and maintain. And when you do, they operate incredibly smoothly and maintain a like-new appearance. In fact, most of our customers are drawn to the fact that Mirage door screens are very low maintenance. Our annual maintenance plan recommends that once a year you clean and clear the tracks, vacuum the housing for dirt and debris, and then liberally lubricate the top and bottom tracks and plastic guides with Mirage’s silicone spray lubricant. Breeze Thru Screens gives this as a free gift to say "Thank you!"  Need more? We sell them as well. We also recommend that you inspect the door screens for cuts, scratches or holes. If you find holes or damage, we recommend repairing and/or replacing damaged screens -- just give Breeze Thru Screens a call to set up an appointment. 

Does the Retractable Screen Door stay closed when a pet or person brushes up against it?

Yes! With our secure Super Magnet latch system that is 3 times stronger than our competitor latches, you can be sure that the Mirage retractable screen door will stay closed. The Mirage Super Magnet latch is anti-corrosive, unlike any other competitor screen system, which means no more rust.

Will a Mirage Retractable Screen Door slam shut?

No. Nothing is more annoying than a screen door that slams shut, and Mirage screens will not do this. Your Mirage dealer will install your door so that it will open and close exactly how you choose. Perhaps you need a high tension screen to resist wind, or a very loose tension to reduce door slam.  Please keep in mind that the tauter the mesh screen is the longer it will last. In addition to tension control, Mirage Screen doors can also be equipped with Soft-Close technology that prevents accidental slamming. With Mirage, you are in complete control of how soft or quickly your retractable screen door closes.

Can I replace my sliding patio screen door with a Mirage Retractable Screen?

Most definitely! This is a popular alternative to rickety patio screen doors. The Mirage retractable screen is installed on the stationary panel in the center of the door. When you need the screen door in place simply pull the retractable screen door out to cover the opening. When not in use, simply retract the door screen and it won’t obstruct your view or get in your way!

How do I install a Mirage retractable screen door?

There is no need to worry about how to install your new retractable screen door. Each door screen is custom made for each application and as such, all Mirage retractable screen doors are installed by screen professionals at Breeze Thru Screens which also guarantees your warranty. For in-swing doors, your Mirage authorized dealer Breeze Thru Screens will install the screen inside the doorjamb or outside on the door’s trim. For out-swing doors, Breeze Thru Screens will install the screen inside the home. 

How long does it take to install a Mirage Retractable Screen?

It can take between 1 and 2 hours to install a Mirage retractable screen door, depending on the type of application and sill modifications needed, but sometimes longer if modifications need to be made.  




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