• Anti – Microbial

  • GreenGuard Gold Certified

  • Durable – Tear and Puncture Resistant

  • Resistant to UV degradation with special UV inhibitor in PVC formulation – No fading or flaking!

  • Great for outward visibility and air flow

  • 50% UV Blockage for "Super" and 55% UV Blockage for Super Nano 55

  • Insect and debris protection

  • 10 Year Limited Warranty 

  • Made in the USA!!


  • Super Screen™ is made of a vinyl coated polyester.  This means it is basically plastic on plastic which makes it a "Super" Screen.  The actual name is Textilene Nano 50 which has a 17x14 mesh count.   This mesh keeps out the mosquitoes, wasps, and many more insects.  If you prefer smaller holes to keep out very tiny bugs, we also carry the Textilene Nano 55 which has a 17x17 mesh count that we call "Super Nano 55".

  • It is manufactured in Dothan, Alabama by TTP Fabrics & Coating (formerly Twitchell Technical Products, LLC) which has been in business since 1922.  You can visit their website by clicking here:

  • Super Screen™ defies deterioration!  In a simulated seven year weathering test, this amazing screen lost only 1% of its original strength.  The projected longevity of this screen is up to 20+ years.

  • No other screen including fiberglass screen can compare to Super Screen™.

  • Standard fiberglass screen becomes hard and brittle and deteriorates after several years to the point that it can easily be damaged by flying objects, golf balls, pets, etc.  

  • Lasting Durability:   Unlike fiberglass screen that becomes hard and brittle after a couple of years of exposure to sunlight, Super Screen™ retains flexibility year after year.  After a seven year weathering test, Super Screen™ lost only 1% of its tensile strength.  This makes Super Screen the best choice for porches when using the Staple Method.  It is much less likely to pull through the staples and will remain tight over the years with less propensity to sag like fiberglass screen meshes.  

  • Will Not Fade:   The UV tolerant properties of Super Screen™ reveal themselves in the form of unsurpassed color retention, longevity, and filtering characteristics.  With Super Screen™, extended exposure to the Sun will not result in the bleaching, flaking, and fading like other screens.  This means it will look newer longer and save on maintenance.

  • Mildew Resistant:   Super Screen™ fabric includes a biocide compound that resists mildew growth, yielding longer lasting beauty from the fabric.  

  • No More Pet Damage:   Repairs to screen doors and porch screens are often a continual expense to pet owners.  Super Screen™ eliminates this cost.  Our customers have told us about their cats climbing the screen and not tearing it up and their dogs jumping on it and not damaging it.  (Keep in mind that unfortunately any animal can chew through anything if they are so inclined.)

  • Resists Wind Damage & Flying Objects:  Before Super Screenc arrived, outdoor screen products only gave customers protection from bugs and insects – no protection against punctures, tears or frequent deterioration.  Super Screen™ offers much more!  Wind blown debris and falling objects just bounce off the screen. Yet, there are acts of nature that can tear up these screens, or pointy objects, but this screen is the most effective screen mesh barrier between you and that storm/flying object.  It rivals aluminum, but aluminum dents and gets small holes in it by birds and animals because it's strands are not bonded together which is what the vinyl coating on the Super Screen™ fibers accomplishes.

  • Keeps Out Insects & Bugs:  Super Screen™ is superior in protecting against bugs and insects while retaining transparency.  Breezes blow through.  All else stays out!

  • Gives You Privacy:  Super Screen has a denser weave than standard fiberglass screen mesh which in turn makes it seem darker when you are standing on the outside.  While sitting on your porch, the view is still light and bright.  Privacy, great views through the screen, keeps out the insects and all of the other benefits makes for a "Super" Screen!

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These are two porches where we used Super Screen and the SCREENEZE® screening system.

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