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SCREENEZE® is a patented fixed screen system and made in the USA. (U.S. Patent No. 6,378,267) It features an aluminum base and a window-grade vinyl cap which are snapped together and attached to your screen porch with color coated screws to match the system's color. SCREENEZE® can be installed on the inside, outside, or center of your porch post and rail design. We can install a panel up to 150 sq. ft. For instance, we can do a 10' x 15' panel with SCREENEZE®.  It comes in 8' and 12' lengths and we need 3 inches to miter the corners. The aluminum base is designed to last and the window-grade vinyl cap is thick and strong and will resist fading by UV rays.  The SCREENEZE® system maintains the screens integrity keeping your screens tight – no more sagging screens!  From our experience, this is the best screening system on the market and therefore we highly recommend it.  Keep in mind that if your porch has been stapled, it's difficult but not impossible to switch to this system.


With SCREENEZE® we can use the following fiberglass screen mesh: Standard Fiberglass Screen, Better Vue Insect Screen, No-See-Um Insect Screen, and more.  We can also use the following vinyl-coated polyester screens: Tuff-No-See-Um Screen, Super Screen and Super Nano 55 and more.  When paired with Super Screen or Super Nano 55 Screen, you’ve created a screen porch whose screens will last up to 20+ years. 





• Four colors (almost 5 because the

   Dark Bronze can look Black)

• Great for porches with angles

• No staples

• No splines

• No need for extra 2x2s or 2x4s in the middle

   of your porch openings

• Opens the view through the screens

   like "giant" windows

• Reduces callbacks for repairs

• 10 year limited warranty

• Can span up to 150 square foot openings and

   even a little larger too

• System secures the screen tightly

• Easy to replace damaged screen  

• Installs using a variety of screen fabrics


SCREENEZE® Durability By Design.


Color Order:

Bronze, Clay, Sand, White (Best actual color photo is on white background.)



1. SCREENEZE® Parts: Top is vinyl cap and bottom is aluminum base.

2. SCREENEZE®: Completed look.

3.  Inside look at SCREENEZE®.

4.  Top view of SCREENEZE® system and how the screen is held so tightly in place.

Four Colors of SCREENEZE on Wood.jpg
Four Colors of SCREENEZE on white.jpg
Hiser 2.jpg
Top View.jpg
Side View.jpg
SCREENEZE Inside 5.jpg
SCREENEZE Outside 8.jpg
SCREENEZE Outside 4.jpg
SCREENEZE Outside 2.jpg
Graham 44.jpg



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