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Hail Damage?  Storm Damage?  

Did your window, door and porch screens get holes from flying objects?  Odds are that your screens were in a state of deterioration and were not strong enough to withstand the storm.  If your screens are over 10 years old, then they're getting to the end of their life expectancy.  Today's screen mesh is produced with better technology and research than ten years ago and you'll find it's a much higher quality.  Not to mention, we buy only screen mesh that is made in America unlike the home improvement stores that purchase screen mesh made in Mexico which isn't a high quality that you can trust.

New, strong screen mesh not only looks better on your home but provides a much better view through it, stops pesky insects from coming inside, and will better help protect your windows from flying debris.  Will new screens stop all flying debris?  No.  Sometimes Mother Nature sends incredibly strong winds which can make any tree limb or hail a flying torpedo that will "blow up" your window glass.  However, new window screens are your best and only line of defense, so make sure that they are in great condition today.  We do offer many types of screen mesh that are very strong.  Check out our Products.

If your window, door and porch screens were damaged by a storm such as a hail storm, we are the solution to your problem.  First, we're sorry that your home was damaged by a storm.  Second, you'll want to contact your Insurance Company to see if they will cover the cost of rescreening and repairs.  Third, give us a call to come out to rescreen and repair the damages.  We will be happy to give you a free written Estimate for the Insurance Company and a receipt when the work is completed.

If hail can do this to your car, think of just what it could do to your windows!  Screens are your only line of defense for protecting your windows, so make sure they're in excellent condition!

Need an Insurance Agent You Can Trust?

As we are in the service industry, we know bad stuff happens to our homes and property.  We always try to be a resource for our customers with top quality professionals in a variety of businesses and services that we can trust and recommend.  


We can personally recommend Nicole Frost of State Farm in Richmond, VA who has been our insurance agent and good friend for over ten years.  Nicole and her team are highly qualified to handle your home, auto, property, business, health and life insurance needs.  Nicole takes the time to personally answer your questions and explain what the coverages are all about.  She will not sell you insurance you do not need.  She's been a State Farm agent for 27 years and has the wisdom and experience you can trust.  She's there when things go wrong and here to help life go right.

Click on the button to view her website:

You can also reach Nicole at or at 804.550.1333.




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