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We proudly install Phifer's No-See-Um screen mesh in windows, sliding doors, screen doors, and screened-in porches -- it is great for keeping your pets in and pests out.


It's visibility and strength make No-See-Um Screen ideals for porch and patio applications.  We carry only "Black" No-See-Um Screen which we believe looks the nicer of the two.  


We carry the No-See-Um Screen in the color black.


Golf Ball Protection: Near the green but want a great view out of your windows and porch? No-See-Um Screen is the answer. The tensile strength and tear resistance make No-See-Um screen the perfect solution to life's obscure screen destroyers.  This screen withstands 216 psi (pounds per square inch) of Mullen Bursting Strength.  This is tough screen!


Insect Control: Let light and air pass through, not the bugs.  The mesh count is 20x20 per square inch which is smaller holes than the Pet Screen and is therefore designed to give you a better view and keep out the tiniest of insects.


Safety: Use No-See-Um Screen to add strength and durability. 


Wind Damage Protection: The superior strength of No-See-Um Screen eliminates damage caused by wind blown debris.  No-See-Um Screen products hold up to the strong winds and weather conditions.


Bacterial Protection:  Tuff No-See-Um Screen contains Microban product protection technology but the 20x20 No-See-Um does not.  Microban technology is built-in antimicrobial protection that gives products an added level of protection against microbes such as stain and odor causing bacteria, mold, and mildew.  This will not wash off and will last the lifetime of the screen.



No See Um vs. Pet Screen

These photos are comparing No See Um vs. Pet Screen.

1st is looking through No See Um.

2nd is looking through Pet Screen.

3rd is an up close picture of No See Um (left) vs Pet Screen (right) which gives you a better idea of hole size and thickness.

4th is looking through No See Um (left) vs. Pet Screen (right).



                                                 Pet Screen    vs   No See Um    vs   Standard Screen   vs   Better Vue


Yarn Diameter (warp & fill)      .025in                .013in                   .010 - .011                   .008 - .0085

Fabric Thickness                        .036in                .016in                  .0125in                         .011in

Openness                                   36%                   45%                     59%                             64%

Light Transmission                                               75%                     69%                             75%

Mullen Bursting Strength          538psi                216psi                  92psi                            91psi

Mesh Count                                17x10                 20x20                  18x16                           20x20



What does this mean?

  • The greater the Yarn Diameter & Fabric Thickness = the stronger the mesh fibers.

  • The greater the Mullen Bursting Strength = the greater the resistance to damage by pets, golf balls, flying debris, etc.

  • Openness factor is simply the combined area of the screen that is open space, rather than filled with screen mesh. Higher percentages of openness mean less dense weave, more total view, and less shading and solar heat gain reduction.

  • The "larger" the mesh count (more holes per square inch) = the greater the visibility/clarity through the screen mesh.  No See Um and Better Vue have the best visibility/clarity than any other screen mesh on the market with their 20x20 mesh count.





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