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We like to provide our customers with our pricing up front with no hidden fees and no taxes.  We have the best prices in town in addition to the highest quality of products, workmanship and service -- our goal is to provide our customers with only the best.  Please text, call, email or use our Contact page for a free phone estimate or any questions.  

We offer discounts and competitive pricing -- we strive to provide the highest quality at the best prices for our customers.  Give us the opportunity to match or beat any competitor!  With our attention to detail, all high quality American-made products, and great customer service, we guarantee we'll provide the best screen work in town! Click here for our coupons for this season:


Our pricing structure is determined by square footage and materials used.  Keep in mind that all phone estimates are approximate, educated prices from the information we are given and are subject to change due to the fact that we will need to take exact measurements of your windows, doors and porches as well as assess what will work best for your screens. If the homeowner adds to or changes the work to be done, naturally the pricing will match the changes/additions accordingly.  




We prefer cash or checks or Zelle (no fees).  We accept credit card payments, however, for this convenience there will be an additional 3.75% charge based upon your invoice total for the credit card processing fees.  


Payment in FULL is due upon completion of the work.  Further Payment Policies below.



We are a mobile service and the mobile service fee is a small fee to cover our travel expenses, vehicle insurance etc.  This fee also means we'll take the screens out of your windows, repair them and put them back in for you.  See our Contact page for our service area and mobile service fees based on mileage from our office.  Or call our office to set up a time to drop off your screens to our home office in the Short Pump area to save paying the service call fee.   






This includes labor, new American-made, high quality Standard/Traditional Fiberglass screen mesh, and new spline.  Our prices do not include new hardware if that needs to be replaced during the rescreening.  


  • Window Screens (up to 16 sq ft):  $35/screen

  • Large Windows Screens (16 to 22 sq ft):  add $10/screen

  • "Double" Screen Window Screens:  $45/screen  (See below for picture & info)

  • Upgrade to Better Vue Insect Screen:  add $15/screen or add $25/Large

  • Upgrade to Ultra Vue:  add $20/screen and up depending on type and size

  • Upgrade to No-See-Um &/or Tuff No-See-Um by Phifer or Super Screen or Super Nano 55 by Twitchell (Super & Super Nano 55 are great for pets!):  add $25/screen and up depending on size

  • Upgrade to Solar Screen:  add $30/screen and up depending on size

  • Upgrade to Aluminum:  add $40/screen and up depending on size

  • New Center Support Bar: $10/screen

  • Frame Replacement (per side): $7/Width Side or up to 3' or $10+/Length Side (depending on length)

  • Frame Retrofitting: $15 per screen  (Almost always, we will need to Rescreen your window screen when retrofitting which will be $35/screen and up depending on size.)












Example of a "Double" Screen Window Screen

It's basically two window screens in one frame.  If you look closely in the middle, you'll see that it's splined in as "one screen" in the top half and "one screen" in the bottom half.  This makes it double the work.





This is a custom built window frame that fits windows that slide to open.  Our custom built window screen price includes labor, new American-made aluminum frame in the colors of White, Almond, Bronze and Mill (Silver), new American-made, high quality Standard/Traditional  Fiberglass screen mesh, spline, center support bar (if needed) and pull tabs if needed (excluding Mounting Hardware -- see below).  Let us know if your windows are wood, vinyl or wrapped in aluminum.  There is an additional fee of $10/window screen for aluminum wrapped windows because it takes a lot more time to build screens to fit correctly.  All Custom Screen orders are non-refundable and non-returnable.


  • Windows (up to 14 sq ft):  $65/window

  • Large Windows (14 to 18 sq ft):  $75/window

  • XL Windows (18 to 21 sq ft): $90/window

  • Half Screens:  $55/window

  • 1 Bug Strip / Half Screen (if needed): $5 each

  • Tracks for Half Screens:  $15/set of 2   Please Note:  Not all windows are set up to have half screens and we will have to install tracks if this is possible, depending on your window.

  • "Lip" frame is an additional charge of $10/Regular window and $20/Large window (See Picture Below)

  • Upgrade to Better Vue Insect Screen:  add $15/window or add $20/Large window

  • Upgrade to Ultra Vue:   add $20/screen and up depending on type and size 

  • Upgrade to No-See-Um &/or Tuff No-See-Um Screen by Phifer or Super or Super Nano 55 Screen by Twitchell (Super & Super Nano 55 are great for pets!):  add $25/screen and up depending on size

  • Upgrade to Solar Screen:  add $30/screen and up depending on size

  • Upgrade to Aluminum:  add $40/screen and up depending on size           





Example of a "Lip" Frame Screen


Some windows may need special frames that may need to be ordered.  For example, crank out windows or homes whose windows did not originally come with screens may require a type of frame that is not standard.  Due to the higher cost of the frame, there will be an automatic per window upgrade based upon the type of frame needed. Call for an estimate.




Some windows do not have tracks for screens.  If this is the case, we will need to install          mounting hardware on the window frame to hold the screen securely in place.

  • Bail Latches and Screen Holders:  $15/set of 2

  • Plunger / Push Pins:  $5/set of 2

  • Butterfly Latches:  $10/set of 2 and $15/set of 2 for Anderson Screens

  • Specialized Pull Tabs and Corners:  $1 - $5 ea (depending on type)


We can replace most hardware on window, door, and porch screens that is broken, old, or missing such as pull tabs, latches, clips, rollers, etc.  Let our screen professional help you with this.  Prices are generally between $1-10 depending on type and does not include drilling.



We are very excited to introduce our newly designed and field tested Golf Ball Deflection Screens.  Our custom built golf ball protection screens are designed with the strongest, most durable frame material, the tough Super Screen or Super Nano 55 Screen by Twitchell that still gives you a great view through your window and can withstand ~250 psi and 338 psi respectfully.  Our new product has been field tested by the VCU Golf Coach who is also a professional golfer.  He drove golf balls straight at the screens, traveling over 135mph at a distance of approximately 30 feet.  The screen withstood the force and did not break.  It also deflected the balls as it was designed to do.  Most homes on a fairway do not have golf balls driven directly at their windows.  The balls are usually traveling at a much lower velocity as they are on their way down yet they will break a window even at a much. much lower velocity than 135mph.  


Our Golf Ball Deflections Screens are designed to deflect the golf balls and better ensure your windows stay intact/unbroken.  However, keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that your windows will never be broken as there is always a possibility of this happening that is beyond our control. We cannot be held liable for broken windows.  Apart covering your windows with wood or sheet metal, this is the best alternative that still gives you a view out of your window while protecting them.



Our custom built golf ball deflection screen price includes labor, new extruded aluminum frame, No-See-Um screen mesh, spline, and specially designed mounting hardware developed and tested by Breeze Thru Screens.  We custom build right on site since each golf ball deflection screen system is specific to each window.  Therefore we cannot build and ship these out of town/out of state.

Please call for more information and an estimate.  NOTE:  These window screens require much more labor and materials than our standard custom window screens and have been priced accordingly.  Keep in mind that this small investment will potentially save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars to be spent replacing your windows over the life of owning this home and will be an excellent feature when selling your home.





This includes labor, new standard high quality fiberglass screen mesh, and spline.  The size of the door determines the price.

  • Swinging Vinyl Screen Door :  $65/full door

  • Swinging Wood Screen Door: $85 and up/full door

  • Sliding Screen Door:  $60 to $75 /door depending on size and difficulty of removing and re-installing

  • Better Vue Insect Screen:  add $35/door and up depending on size (Not recommended for wood screen doors)

  • Upgrade to No-See-Um or Tuff No-See-Um Screen:  add $35 and up depending on size

  • Upgrade to Super Screen &/or Super Nano 55:  add $35 and up depending on size

  • Upgrade to Solar Screen:  add $40 and up depending on size

  • Upgrade to Aluminum: add $65 and up depending on size





We special order high quality custom Sliding Screen Doors that are made in America and custom fit them to perfectly fit your sliding door entry.  You will not be disappointed in the quality and sturdiness of these doors! They are built to last many years as opposed to the cheap, poor quality doors from your local hardware store.  Our doors start at $375 and up depending on size plus shipping charges.  If you need tracks, those are $65 each and includes installation.  The doors come with our high quality standard fiberglass screen mesh and extruded aluminum, metal handles with a lock and metal wheels which are much better than the plastic ones in the cheaper doors.  You can upgrade the screen mesh to pet resistant or stronger (see prices above).  We only charge one Service Call Fee even though we come to your home twice -- first to measure for your custom door and second to install it.

All Custom Screen orders are non-refundable and non-returnable.  Click on this button for more info on the pricing and doors:




We have partnered with MIRAGE Retractable Screen Systems to provide the highest quality retractable screens to Virginia.  We are the only MIRAGE dealer in Virginia providing this product and professional installation that is 100% guaranteed.  Mirage retractable screens are high quality, sturdy, weather resistant, and come with a warranty.  You will not be disappointed in the quality.  You can purchase a cheap retractable from a local hardware store, but that's exactly what it is -- cheap with poor quality -- we've made the comparisons in person.  It's better to invest in the best and that's Mirage.




We can rescreen the entire porch with screening systems such as SCREENEZE® and Screen Tight® as well as porches that use the Staple Method with trim covering the staples and screen mesh edges.  Due to every porch having different sizes with different screening needs, please call to set up an appointment for a free estimate.  Emailing pictures of your porch and screen needs are always helpful.  Estimates are free within a 20 mile radius of our office.  For greater than 20 miles, a $25 and up Travel Fee will be charged based on the number of miles from our home office.  Credit for the fee will be applied to your invoice if you hire us to do the job.  



We can rescreen a porch panel or section instead of the entire porch.  We give an estimate based upon square footage, materials needed, and time/labor required to rescreen each section.  A 2-hour minimum is in effect for this service. We do charge a service call fee to come out to do this project.  Please call or email your inquiry.  We appreciate pictures and measurements!  We do our best to give an accurate estimate over the phone, but it is subject to change if measurements or materials needed change.  If pictures do not suffice, we may need to schedule an appointment to look at your porch, take measurements and then provide a more accurate estimate.




We will be using the SCREENEZE® or Staple Method to screen in your porch.  Our goal is to give your porch a more aesthetic view and make it more durable and long-lasting.  At this time we will only screen in porches with an existing roof and structure in place.  Please call or email your inquiry and email pictures of your porch for a free estimate. Estimates are free within a 20 mile radius of our office.  For greater than 25 miles, a $25 and up travel fee will be charged based on the number of miles from our home office.  Credit for the fee will be applied to your invoice if you hire us to do the job.  Click on this button for more info on screen porches:





  • Payments are generally due upon completion of work unless otherwise stated or a Payment Plan has been arranged.

  • Custom Orders and Products are not returnable nor refundable.  Any custom work is done to fit each customer's home specifically and cannot be returned. Payment is due in full upon installation.  Please see our other custom products' pages for more information or contact our office.

  • Late Fees of 5% will  be charged after 14 days if payment has not been remitted.  It will increase to 10% after one month of not being paid and charged each consecutive month your invoice is past due.

  • Checks that do not clear the bank due to insufficient funds or other reasons will incur a $50 fee in addition to the invoice total, and customer will be required to pay with a money order or cash.

  • As a company policy, we do not give referral fees, but we greatly appreciate your telling your friends and neighbors about our company!


No JOb is Too Small or Too Big!



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